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PrepWell Academy's Mission

Preparing High-Potential Students for the Competitive College Admissions Process When it Matters Most
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PrepWell's Approach to College Admissions Prep

Early Engagement

Most students begin the college admissions process far too late in the game. Our program starts in 9th and 10th-grade - when it matters most. This is a game-changer.

High-Performance Habits

My weekly videos teach discipline, study habits, self-awareness, and unconventional strategies and tactics that lead to world-class achievement.


We make sure your child (and you) don't miss any big deadlines. We know what your child should be accomplishing and when they should start.

Whole-Student Focus

Our curriculum goes beyond college admissions. We integrate real-world skills such as manual literacy, social media management, self-advocacy, entrepreneurship, email etiquette, etc.


My weekly lessons are informed by a wide-range of experiences: Div I athletics, Yale and Harvard Business School, Goldman Sachs, Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, firefighter, college admissions expert, husband and father of four children.

Who Is Phil Black?

Yale, Harvard MBA, Navy SEAL, Goldman Sachs, Entrepreneur, 2X Shark Tank Contestant, Firefighter, College Admissions Expert, Podcaster, Husband, Father of 4

Who Is PrepWell Academy For?

High-potential 9th and 10th-graders who aspire to attend competitive college programs and who are willing to prepare themselves ahead of time.


Students who aspire to attend very-selective colleges and universities (Top 200: Colgate, Brandeis, Lehigh, Reed, Villanova, Holy Cross, etc.)


Students who aspire to attend most-selective colleges (Top 20: Ivy League, Stanford, Northwestern, UCLA, Amherst, Duke, Vanderbilt)


Student-athletes planning to use sports as leverage in the college admissions process (e.g. athletic scholarship opportunities, Div I, II, III)


Students who aspire to attend military service academies (e.g. West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, etc.) or earn ROTC scholarships
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PrepWell Podcast

Join Phil Black Every Week As He Helps Parents And Teens Navigate College Admissions

The PrepWell Podcast with Phil Black is the ultimate series for parents of, or students in, the 9th & 10th grade who are looking to excel in all areas that play a major role in your college admissions process.

These days, it takes far more than just having good grades or being an outstanding athlete to stand out from the rest of the applicants to your dream schools. Phil has mastered the art of out-preparing, proven by his one-of-a-kind resume, and he's made it his mission to bring his superpower to those who are looking to excel above the rest.  

Stay up-to-date and stand out by listening to the PrepWell Podcast and out-preparing for college admissions.
This Worksheet and Tutorial Video Will Help You Gauge Your Child's Competitiveness
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