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Ep. 134 | What Should I Major In?

Your college major should be contingent on one deciding factor. Listen to this podcast to discover what that factor is.

Show Notes:

In this episode, I lay out a decision tree (with "if-then" statements) that dictates how you should think about your major. Should you care about your major? What should influence your choice of major? Are there any hard and fast rules with respect to choosing a major? How to avoid the double-whammy. If you are a high school student or a senior on your way to college, listen to this podcast before making a decision on what to major in. 

0:01:35 Stop and think

0:01:55 The single biggest factor

0:02:40 Debt?

0:04:43 Modest debt

0:06:37 Crushing debt

0:08:30 The double-whammy

0:09:22 STEM majors

0:10:12 Tripling down

0:10:50 Options

0:11:54 5 Alternatives

0:17:30 What to do (5 Steps) Follow us:

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Podcast Host: PrepWell Academy's Founder, Phil Black, has spent a lifetime cracking the code on the world's most competitive programs: Yale University, Harvard Business School, Navy SEALs, Goldman Sachs, Entrepreneurship, Shark Tank (2X), etc.   Inside PrepWell Academy, Black teaches students everything they need to know about the college admissions process in a series of expertly-timed, 3-5-minute, weekly training videos starting in 9th grade and continuing through 12th grade [Note: this program can only be joined in 9th or 10th grade]. My specialties include military service academies, ROTC scholarships, Ivy League, and student-athletes.

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