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Ep. 137 | How To Save Reading

How to prevent phones from replacing books.

Show Notes:

In this episode, I reflect on the dangers of allowing phones to replace books in the hands of our children. Left unchecked, this is a crisis in the making. It's happening slowly, and right under our noses. Over the last 8 years, I've witnessed a gradual shift away from books and toward phones. Given the commercial incentives to keep students locked into their screens, this is no surprise. I have also observed a corresponding drop in competitiveness in students wishing to attend top tier colleges. Phones have become the primary source of communication, entertainment, and news gathering. Books have been pushed aside as anachronistic and antiquated. This will not end well. Listen to the changes I've seen in my own sons and what I'm doing to stem the bleeding. 

0:01:18 Frog in the boiling water 

0:03:05 Reading is still a thing 

0:03:15 Customized, addictive content 

0:04:45 Consuming v creating 

0:09:20 Gold standard 

0:10:00 Nurture v nature 

0:12:30 How to break the addiction 

0:13:15 Best practices 

0:14:35 Unlimited book budget Follow us: 

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