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Ep. 182 | Time-sensitive: Parents Of 8th And 10th Graders

Time-sensitive information for parents of 8th and 10th graders.

Show Notes:

In this short episode, I focus on parents of current 8th-graders (Class of 2027) and sophomores (Class of 2025). 

As the PrepWell year comes to a close (June 1), I have a special (and time-sensitive) message for these parent cohorts.

If you have a current 8th-grader or 10th-grader, please give this episode a listen.

Show Transcript:

[00:00:25] Hello friends, and welcome back to the Prep Level podcast and happy Memorial Day. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for all the men and women of the armed forces who gave their lives for our freedom. You are not forgotten, and this is the weekend that we do our best to honor your sacrifice. Memorial Day is also the day that unofficially kicks off this summer. And with that in mind, I wanted to call out two specific groups of listeners for this particular episode. Parents of current eighth graders who are about to become rising freshmen and parents of current sophomores who are about to become rising juniors. For the parents of the eighth graders who will start high school in a few months, I hope you will consider enrolling your son or daughter in Prep academy starting on June 1st, just a few days from now. This would be the first and the earliest opportunity that you will have to join. And I know a lot of you listening have been chomping at the bit to get things going because many of you have emailed me asking for one. You can sign up. So the day is almost here. If you've been listening to me for a while, you should have a pretty good idea of what I stand for and my philosophy on preparing kids for the college admissions process and beyond.

[00:01:42] That philosophy is based on an early introduction to some of the concepts and tactics and strategies and an overall awareness as to how things work. It also keeps you and them on track when it comes to important milestones and deadlines. It's essentially an insurance plan so that you don't get caught not knowing what's going on, which, believe me, can happen very quickly. And obviously my hope is that your child will learn a few important lessons along the way. Lessons that will get progressively more important over time as they move their way through high school. Am I a miracle worker? No. Will your child listen to every video and every word I have to say? I doubt it, but at least they will have a resource whose mission it is to keep them apprized of what's happening and when it's happening and how they can succeed. I also want to reiterate, in case you missed my e-mail about it, that right now and through May 30th, there is an essay contest underway for Rising freshman for a full scholarship to prep academy, a $720 value. Mind you, to be eligible for the essay contest, your rising freshman needs to submit a one half page essay that answers the following questions How will a subscription to Prep Academy help me meet my college and career goals over the next four years? And which plan would I choose and why? Pathway Plan. The Ivy Plan, The Athlete Plan or the military plan? Please email me the half page essay by May 30th to be considered for this scholarship. This scholarship was endowed by a parent who wishes to remain anonymous. Of a prep weller who's graduating this year in a few weeks because of the value that his son gained from the program.

[00:03:41] His son took the prep well, lessons seriously implemented. The tactics and the strategies reached out to me with questions and ended up doing very well for himself. He's off to a great college. He's taking on big challenges and he is equipped with the mindset to succeed no matter where life will take him. This students parents wanted to provide the same opportunity to another student who may not have the resources to become a member without some financial assistance. We are very grateful for this family, for their generosity, and for raising such a great son who we know will do great things in his life. So please, if you want your child to be considered for this for your scholarship, please have them submit their half page here by May 30th. The second group I'd like to reach out to are any parents who have children who are currently sophomores. Soon to be rising juniors who are not yet enrolled in Prep academy. If you've been listening to me for a while, some even for a few years, and you like what you're hearing, but you haven't pulled the trigger yet, please enroll your sophomore before June 1st. Otherwise, the registration window will be closed. We do not allow juniors or seniors to enroll in prep academy if they were not part of the program in ninth or 10th grade. We do this for a number of reasons. The main reason is that if they wait much longer and there's more and more procrastination, it just becomes too late to help them make any material changes that they may need to make to be competitive. The summer before their junior year is critical in helping them build the right mindset for success for next year. Once junior year kicks off in a few months, it will be a whirlwind, the likes of which they have never experienced before, and they need to be prepared.

[00:05:32] So if you have a current sophomore, that would be the class of 2025 and you've been on the fence and wondering if it makes sense to enroll your child, now is the time to decide. Register them before June 1st and they will be on the path. Or take your chances on your own. Please, everybody, have a great Memorial Day weekend. I look forward to seeing the influx of all the new prep dollars starting on June 1st. And that's all I've got for you today, folks. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for your continued support. Have a great holiday weekend. In case you didn't know, this podcast supports prep academies online mentoring program where high schoolers and their parents receive weekly videos from me, where I break down important topics and give timely advice about college admissions, particularly for top tier colleges, service academies, and for ROTC, an athletic scholarships. Many parents who listen to this podcast already have their high schoolers enrolled in Prep or Academy, which is great. If you don't yet, please consider enrolling them. Remember, registration is only open during freshman or sophomore year. After that, we no longer accept new students. So if you have a freshman or sophomore in high school and you like what you're hearing in these podcasts and you'd like to get more content like this tailored specifically for your child, for their specific grade, with their specific goals in mind, please go to Preble Academy dot com and enroll today. If you know a parent with a middle schooler or high schooler that might find this helpful, please share the episode with them and give us a rating too. If you have a minute, word of mouth and positive ratings, help our podcast reach a much wider audience.

[00:07:07] If you have questions, comments, or an idea for an upcoming episode, please reach out to me by email. Demi on Instagram Check out our blog Facebook page or connect with me on LinkedIn. I would love to hear from you. Until next week, Goodbye. Good luck and never stop preparing. This podcast is brought to you by. PrepWell Academy. PrepWell Academy is my one of a kind online mentoring program that delivers to your ninth or 10th grader a short, highly relevant video from me every week. Every Sunday, in fact, where I give them a heads up about what they should be thinking about, to stay ahead of the game to get these valuable lessons into your child's hands. Please head over to And enroll your child today.

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