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Ep. 23 | The Guidance Counselor

Students don’t fully appreciate how important and influential their guidance counselor can be during the college admissions process. They are a wealth of information and a source of valuable opportunities if the counselor knows what the student is interested in. Ignore at your own risk.


Show Notes:

In today’s episode, I explore an often overlooked secret weapon in the college admissions process - the high school guidance counselor. Guidance counselors represent a wealth of information, resources, connections, and opportunities that often go underutilized by students and families. Though many guidance counselors are overwhelmed with caseloads 2-3X larger than they should be, they can still play a pivotal role in a student’s success in the college admissions process.

Today’s show discusses why colleges rely so heavily on guidance counselors’ opinions and what students can do to maximize their time with their counselors. 

Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:02:00 Why colleges care about guidance counselor comments
0:03:09 Guidance counselors' subjective input
0:05:09 Why guidance counselors are so credible
0:06:30 Why students should invest in their guidance counselor
0:10:15 How to develop a relationship with a guidance counselor

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