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Ep. 25 Revisited | Dumber by the Day

I’m rebroadcasting this episode now, even though we are no longer in COVID quarantine, because the principles hold true during the summer as well. Weeks of completely unstructured time is not a blessing. Our children need structure. They won’t say as much, but it’s in their bones. As we enter the second phase of summer, let’s make sure we are giving our children a fighting chance. Put some guardrails in place. Dedicate time (even 20 minutes) for reading, math, etc. Something is better than nothing. Good luck.

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, I add some meat to the bone of last week’s podcast. In the last show, we discussed how important it was for your high schooler to keep their academic and personal development momentum going even during a quarantine.

This week, I provide a tangible tool to help in this regard.  Below is a template for a daily schedule that you and your child can fill out together.

As a rule, children don’t enjoy long periods of unstructured time. They say they do, but they really crave to be on a schedule. This template will help them set goals, stay organized, and feel better about themselves. Below is an example of what a completed template looks like. Remember, it doesn't have to be complicated. I know you may be getting inundated with new passwords and logins and platforms. If you can't manage all of that, try to use this very simple method of carving out time across different disciplines. If it's not perfectly organized, that's okay. At least your child is getting something done and it gives them some structure. This template took a PrepWeller about 5 minutes to complete.

Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:01:26 What’s a parent to do?
0:02:45 Specific advice for a child adrift
0:03:31 Why teens crave structure
0:04:44 How to use the Daily Template
0:05:30 Start with a real food breakfast
0:06:18 Homeschool starts at 8:30am
0:07:11 6 Primary Blocks of study
0:08:15 5 Core Study Subjects
0:09:53 What resources to use as defaults
0:11:20 Sitting Down with your child
0:11:52 Personal Development Activities
0:13:50 How to fill out the template
0:15:30 End of day 

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