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Ep. 27 | Shark Tank After-Action-Report

In this episode, Phil Black analyzes, Shark by Shark, exactly what went down during his segment last night. Hear what it takes to get on Shark Tank, how long it takes, and how to improve your chances. Hear what Phil thinks about what it means to be invited back a 3rd time.

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, I break down the process of getting onto Shark Tank, how long it takes, and the odds of your segment actually getting on air. Then, I walk you through what each of the Sharks said during my segment and how to think about their feedback. I then opine on whether or not it’s a smart idea to skip taking the SAT or ACT now that the UC schools are no longer requiring it. 

Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:01:51 Let’s not forget our priorities
0:02:50 How to get on Shark Tank
0:03:40 The casting call
0:04:10 The callback and request for video
0:04:30 Working with producers
0:05:15 The waiting game
0:06:00 Subject: Shark Tank Airdate 4/3/2020
0:06:37 Our segment airs 
0:07:07 My hot take on my segment
0:08:25 Why was I willing to take the risk?
0:08:50 Spoiler alert
0:09:22 Robert Herjavec
0:10:15 Lori Greiner
0:11:40 Mark Cuban
0:12:33 Daymond John
0:13:34 Kevin O'Leary
0:14:50 The good bits
0:16:00 Summary of show
0:16:25 Takeaway #1: Investable: no, Efficacy: yes
0:17:03 Takeaway #2: Invited back again?
0:17:25 Takeaway #3: Practicing what I preach
0:19:35 Takeaway #4: The Corona effect
0:21:25 Takeaway #6: Business out of control 
0:22:15 Takeaway #7: Personal family fun
0:23:18 Should UC applicants take the SAT or ACT Follow us:

If you want to check out the pitch on Shark Tank, you can view the episode here.

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