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Ep. 28 | Do I Still Have to Take the SAT (and other misguided questions)?

Today’s show was inspired by a question posed by several students (both PrepWellers and non-PrepWellers), “Since so many schools are going test-optional, including all UC schools, should I bother taking the SAT or ACT? This opened the floodgates to address many other important questions.

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, I address many of the most important questions that people are asking in light of the coronavirus shutdown. These are timely questions that cannot be ignored. The answers to these questions give immediate direction to juniors, who are most at-risk, as well as to sophomores who should do everything in their power to avoid related pitfalls.

I encourage parents and students to listen to this podcast together. While much of the advice is corona-related, it is 100% relevant to younger students coming up the ranks. These types of challenges are bound to happen again and again. My job is to prepare you for them. 

Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:01:27 Congratulations to PrepWell Juniors
0:02:00 Stick to the Plan
0:02:20 My thesis on early preparation
0:03:00 Why are these students loving life?
0:03:55 Why should sophomores pay attention?
0:06:40 Should I bother taking the SAT or ACT?
0:09:46 Will it be easier to get into UC schools now?
0:11:00 What does test-optional mean? 
0:12:20 Will all schools go test-optional?
0:13:00 Will the June SAT be canceled?
0:15:20 Should I study for SAT and ACT now?
0:16:45 Should I bother with SAT Subject Tests anymore?
0:18:24 Should I take the shorter AP exams this year?
0:19:45 Should I take the early or late AP exams?
0:20:30 My extracurriculars have disappeared. What do I do?
0:21:41 Should I bother staying engaged in distance learning?
0:23:18 Will colleges go test-blind? Will they see my scores?
0:24:03 What should I do with my downtime?
0:25:25 Will my senior year grades count more?
0:26:10 What should sophomores learn from corona?

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