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Ep. 3 | 10 Life Skills Teens Must Learn During The College Admissions Process

One key insight I’ve learned after working with hundreds of families over the years is that the particular “college" a student attends, isn’t nearly as important as the “skills" they acquire during the college application process.

Show Notes:

One key insight I’ve learned after working with hundreds of families over the years, is that the particular “college" a student attends, isn’t nearly as important as the “skills" they learn during the college application process. 

The process is more important than the prize

Which begs the question, what are the critical skills that students need to learn to prepare for college - no matter where they go - Princeton or Passaic Polytech?  And how can I help them learn these lessons?

In this episode, I walk through all 10 Life Skills and explain why they will play such a critical role in your child’s future.

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Here is what I discuss in this episode:

0:00:45 Why I don’t care where your child goes to college
0:01:34 My key insight after 6 years of working with families
0:01:57 Princeton versus community college 
0:02:07 Princeton student profile
0:02:28 Community college student profile
0:02:44 Princeton grad: ill-equipped to enter the real world
0:03:10 Community college grad: Law School
0:04:02 How do I help my child?
0:04:22 Turning down $25K to mentor a high schooler
0:05:50 What turning down $25K taught me
0:06:04 I don’t care where your child goes to college
0:06:41 Operation Varsity Blues
0:07:41 My mission: Teach the sticky skills
0:09:09 Eating my own dog food
0:10:00 PrepWell Academy’s mission
0:10:40 Not all teens get it at first
0:11:41 The 10 Sticky Skills that must be learned
0:12:50 Sticky Skill #1: Organization
0:13:40 Why do military people have to be so neat and organized?
0:14:31 Sticky Skill #2: Time Management
0:14:31 Sticky Skill #3: Communicating with Adults
0:18:20 Sticky Skill #4: Personal Reflection
0:21:43 Sticky Skill #5: Research
0:23:10 Sticky Skill #6: Attention to Detail
0:24:28 Sticky Skill #7: Interview Skills
0:26:05 Sticky Skill #8: Test Preparation
0:27:40 Sticky Skill #9: Writing Skills
0:30:05 Sticky Skill #10: Filling Out Applications
0:31:40 Summary Thoughts

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